A Comparative Study of Sex Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in China and the United States


  • Yueran Tian




comparative study, sex education, mental health.


Sex education is of great significance for the healthy growth and wellbeing for children and adolescence. Currently, the importance of sex education is learnt by a growing number of people globally. The thesis cites progresses made in sex education of China and the United States and compares the histories of sex education, sex education in schools and families of the two countries, finding out the differences. It is found that compared with developed countries such as the United States, China still has some shortcomings in sex education. The sex-related curriculums in China are not well arranged and the Chinese teachers of sex education are not fully trained. Besides, Chinese parents do not play their parts well in sex education. Then, referring to the advantages of sex education in the United States, five suggestions are raised to improve sex education in China. Policies about sex education should be made, curriculums and teachers of sex education need to be more appropriate for current children, evaluating systems should be built and parents attendance in sex education ought to be attached more importance to.


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