The Nature and Legal Application of Maritime Employment Assistance


  • Linrun Chen



Employment assistance, shipwreck rescue, nature of rescue, application of law.


Employment assistance is a form of rescue activities that often appears in modern maritime rescue activities. While, there is no clear nature determination under the framework of existing maritime laws and international rescue conventions, which makes it difficult to determine the applicable law of employment assistance when it comes to judicial practice. And this indicates that unlike the widespread application of employment assistance in international maritime rescue activities, it has not received the necessary attention in legal stage. It is foreseeable that this situation has brought certain obstacles to the legitimate interests of the parties involved in the employment rescue activities. So, in order to help solve the problems in the legal nature and application of employment assistance, this article is going to start by explaining the unique nature of employment assistance and discuss the rationality of bringing employment assistance under the jurisdiction of contract law in conjunction with the 2016 Gabriel ship shipwreck salvage contract dispute case.


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