Exploring The Development of Chinese History: Take the Art Aesthetics of Wei, Jin, And North-South Dynasties as An Example


  • Yining Zhu




Connection; esthetics; humanism; culture; spirit.


In the process of various human civilizations' developments, the stability of the society and the fullness of the spirit often cannot be exploited at the same time, and it is precisely because one great dynasty after another gave up the so-called tranquility and pursued development and innovation that human civilization has continued to progress. The Wei, Jin, and North-South Dynasties were one of the periods like that, which were also an era of progress, transformation, disintegration, and remodeling, which brought far-reaching effects on Chinese culture from all angles. The iteration of the regime led to political leniency, which brought active thinking, and then fresh ideas, so expanding the artistic techniques to record, the coupling of culture and art is reflected in this period. This essay will summarize the connection between the creation of artworks and the cultural background through the method of literature analysis, in connection with the ideological system and artistic creation during the Wei, Jin, and North and South Dynasties, and expound on the construction of the unique artistic aesthetics of the Wei and Jin periods, as well as the unique era shaped by these arts.


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