A Study on The Current Status of Electronic Evidence Preservation in Internet Crime


  • Yuanqi Chen
  • Mingsi Li
  • Yu Qiu




Cybercrime; Electronic Evidence; Blockchain.


This article focuses on the electronic evidence related to internet crime, exploring legal systems related to electronic evidence and legal issues related to information technology. The paper discusses the concept and characteristics of electronic evidence in internet crime, analyzes the relevant technologies and legal systems used for preserving electronic evidence in China, and highlights potential issues. Furthermore, a comparative legal study is conducted, examining the electronic evidence rules in the Anglo-American legal system and the Continental legal system, with reference to judicial cases in Japan and the United States. This analysis emphasizes the similarities and differences in electronic evidence rules and admissibility criteria. Finally, the paper proposes strategies to address the challenges faced in electronic evidence preservation in China from both a technological and systemic perspective. By addressing the arguments above, this article holds theoretical and practical significance in enhancing the legal framework and standardizing electronic evidence practices in China.


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Chen, Y., Li, M., & Qiu, Y. (2024). A Study on The Current Status of Electronic Evidence Preservation in Internet Crime. Journal of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, 28, 541-548. https://doi.org/10.54097/reykxj59