Leonardo Da Vinci: The Art of Anatomy in The Renaissance


  • Zhiyi Wang




Renaissance, Leonardo, anatomy.


The contention of a hundred schools of thought during a cultural movement which characterised the Italian and European life from the 14th to the 17th century. During this period, artists represented by Da Vinci also conducted wonderful research in various scientific fields, among which anatomy was the most typical. The subject of this article is the achievements of Renaissance artists in the field of anatomy, exploring the beauty of combining art and science. As one of the "Three Masters of the Renaissance", Leonardo Da Vinci has made great achievements in anatomy, and has disclosed these secrets about the human body to the public with works of great artistic value. This article sorts out the events related to anatomy by making a comparative analysis of his representative works of art and other anatomy-related works of other artists in the same period, so as to fully understand the interdependent relationship between art and anatomy in the Renaissance.


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