The relationship between adolescent learning stress and emotional problems, regulatory factors and suggestions for school education


  • Rui Guo



Youth; academic stress; anxiety; depression; school education.


Adolescence is a key stage in the development of individual life, and the experience and learning pressure in this period have a profound impact on individual mental health and emotional state. With the increasingly fierce social competition, teenagers are facing more and more challenges and pressures in the learning process. Factors such as academic performance, admission pressure, and self-identity are intertwined, which together constitute the learning pressure faced by teenagers. These stresses not only affect their academic performance, but also have important effects on their emotional well-being. This paper aims to explore the relationship between learning stress and emotional problems in adolescents, analyze how learning stress affects their emotional state, and the role of emotional problems in coping with learning stress. In addition, this paper will also discuss some effective coping strategies and interventions to help adolescents to better manage and cope with the stress in the learning process and promote their mental health development.


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