Beneficiaries of educational technology in universities ——A Study on the Equity of Urban and Rural Education in Henan Province


  • Yaning Shi



educational technology; urban-rural educational equity; quality of education.


The research in this paper combines educational equity and educational technology, based on the theory of educational equity and the theory of stages of educational equity, with the aim of exploring the use of educational technology in rural and urban schools in Henan Province, both during and after the teaching programme. From the perspective of retrospective research, this paper used the questionnaire survey method to survey five colleges and universities in Henan Province, with a total of 203 students; and the semi-structured interview method to interview nine students, four teachers, and two leaders of the Education Bureau. The results of the study show that there is a disproportionate difference in the allocation of basic education resources between rural and urban schools, an unbalanced distribution of education funds, and different levels of importance attached to educational technology by teachers. In addition, students' information literacy skills and family economic status are factors that affect equity in educational technology between urban and rural areas in Henan Province. In view of the current problems, the state, schools and other subjects should promote urban-rural education equity in the system, guarantee urban-rural education equity in the funding, and cultivate information technology talents in the concept to promote the equitable development of urban-rural education technology.


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