Flexible Supply Chain Efficiency Problems of Fast Fashion Brands--Taking ZARA as an Example


  • Ming Qin




Flexible supply chain; Zara; fast fashion; process optimization.


This paper takes Zara Company as the main research object, analyzes the flexible supply chain that forms its advantages, and divides it into four parts, and then obtains the revelation of domestic fast fashion operations from it one by one. ZARA is a Spanish brand and is famous for it’s unique speedy supply chain. In recent years, ZARA has quickly won the favor of young people around the world. The research concludes that ZARA has advantages in the design phase through global procurement and learning methods. In terms of production, Zara achieves production flexibility through small batch precision supply with close upstream and downstream connections and the establishment of semi-finished product warehouses. In addition, Zara mainly achieves delivery flexibility through the location selection of logistics centers and the establishment of semi-finished product warehouses. The research in this paper provides experience and inspiration for the flexible supply chain of domestic fast fashion enterprises.


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