Analysis of Sino US Economic Development Based on the Russia-Ukraine Conflict


  • Mingyuan Wang



Russia-Ukraine conflict, China, US, Inflation rate


Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalated in 2022, signs of peace have not yet emerged. The economic recovery in the post epidemic era has become complicated due to the emergence of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As the two most important economies in the world today, studying the economic trends of China and the United States can reveal the development trends of the world economy. This article mainly uses a series of data from the World Bank on the economy of China and the United States to analyze the economic changes in the two countries, and identifies some substantive issues through comparison and provides opinions. Research has found that China is more affected by economic shocks compared to the United States, which is similar to the situation in the vast majority of countries in the world. The research in this article roughly analyzes the forms of the two countries and provides some guidance for future economic construction.


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