Human Resource Management Analysis in the AR/VR Industry: A Case Study on Meta Company


  • Ran Xiao



AR/VR industry, human resource, employee performance, welfare


This research paper delves into the complex landscape of human resource (HR) management within the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) industry, using Meta Company as a prime focal point. The study thoroughly examines key challenges facing the industry, including critical skill gaps, mismatches in talent demand and supply, high rates of employee turnover, and the intricacies of cross-cultural management. It delves into the various methods employed for recruitment and selection, the strategies implemented for training and development, and the initiatives taken for effective employee retention within the AR/VR industry. The findings of this study reveal that despite the unique and rapidly evolving challenges of the AR/VR landscape, deploying effective and strategic HR management can significantly enhance talent acquisition, foster skill development, and ensure successful retention of employees. This research paper contributes valuable academic and practical insights to the understanding and management of human resources in the burgeoning field of AR/VR, providing a comprehensive perspective that could potentially facilitate sustainable growth and development within the industry.


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