The Analysis of the Effect of Compensation Strategy on Corporate Performance: An Example from Walmart


  • Zhaoyi Wu



Compensation strategy, corporate performance, incentive


Using Walmart as a case study, this paper examines the relationship between compensation policies and company performance. Specifically, the paper focuses on how various compensation strategies, ranging from base salary to comprehensive benefits and incentives, affect Walmart's key performance indicators. The study delves into the issue of employee motivation and evaluates various important factors of Walmart's compensation program. The analysis focuses on the impact of various compensation strategies (including wages, benefits, and rewards) on Walmart's performance metrics. By using a variety of methods and combining them with data analysis, the study reveals the deeper role that Walmart's compensation policies have played in making it one of the world's leading retail companies. In addition, the study mentions the correlation between employee satisfaction and long-term business results. The results of the study provide valuable insights for business leaders and policy makers, emphasizing the need to balance employee needs with corporate goals. The results of the study underscore the importance of well-designed compensation policies as a key tool for achieving organizational brilliance and maintaining a competitive advantage.


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