Research for the Business Role and Value of AI in the Medical Industry


  • Runze Li
  • Ping Yuan



Medical Industry, AI, image diagnosis, pharmacy, ChatGPT, human-computer interaction


This paper discusses the development of AI in healthcare, from the past to the present, and the future. We carefully analyzed the process of AI penetration into the medical field and also envisioned the future development of AI in the medical field. Because of AI's excellent computing power and analytical capabilities, it has a great impact on the medical industry. This paper describes the use and value of AI and sorts out the relationship between advantages and disadvantages from the aspects of image diagnosis, pharmacy, ChatGPT and human-computer interaction equipment. Based on recent research, the position of AI in the medical field is demonstrated from multiple perspectives, and their future market is speculated, for various reasons, some development cycles are relatively long, and many aspects need to be considered. Finally, this article presents some of the existing problems of AI in healthcare, from different aspects of patients, hospitals and doctors, and then gives different solutions.


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