Study on the Current Situation of China's Tourism Development in the Post-Epidemic Era


  • Fengxuan Fan
  • Renhao Yin
  • Xiaoan Zha



Post epidemic era; development transformation; reform and innovation; rapid recovery


 In China, along with the development of the national economy and the increase in people's demand for spirit, tourism has developed as a new industry. Despite its late start, it has taken its place in the market economy along with the continuous leap of the national economy, thanks to its rapid development and the number of tourists breaking new heights. Pursuing the human spirit has no boundaries, and the enhancement of the spirit is never-ending. However, after the New Crown Pneumonia epidemic outbreak, countries worldwide gradually took measures against the epidemic, and the pause button was pressed on the global movement of people. The number of tourist trips dropped significantly, and tourism revenues needed higher. However, under China's strict control, the country has entered the post-epidemic era, with a rapid economic and social recovery and a gradual return to pre-epidemic levels. The tourism industry is recovering and gradually moving towards high-quality development. This paper takes the rapid recovery and development transformation of the tourism industry as the theme, combines the current situation of China's tourism development, analyses the impact of the New Crown Epidemic on China's tourism industry, thoroughly analyses the development trend of the tourism industry in the post epidemic era, and puts forward the strategies for the sustainable development of China's tourism industry in the post epidemic era: Seizing the opportunities of tourism development, innovating the tourism model, and effectively utilizing the online tourism to achieve the depth of combination of online upstream, online and downstream.


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