A Study of the Impact of China's Internet Economy on the Agricultural Industry


  • Yongyi Wu




Agricultural products; online consumption; online shopping; Internet Economy; China


In recent years, China has faced the challenge of economic transformation and the triple pressure of contracting demand, supply shocks and weakening expectations. In the past, China's economic growth was mainly driven by trade and investment. Nevertheless, the share of consumption in the economy has been increasing, becoming one of the most critical factors in China's economic development. The rapid development of Internet technology has promoted online consumption, thus providing a good opportunity and a platform for selling agricultural products online in remote areas. This paper focuses on the impact of the development of China's Internet economy on the agricultural industry. It is found that the development of China's Internet economy has a positive impact on the development of the agricultural industry and the sale of agricultural products. Whether in the pre-epidemic, epidemic, or post-epidemic period, online sales of agricultural products show a continuous growth trend. This paper also presents the problems of selling agricultural products online and provides reasonable solutions.


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