A Case Study of Society General Securities based on ARIMA Model


  • Danyang Wang




ARIMA model; stock price; industrial securities


Stock price changes have always been a high concern for investors. Stock price modeling can indicate the stock changing trend, which can not only provide references for investors, but also can see the future development of the relevant market by analyzing the changing stock prices. Therefore, this paper establishes an Auto-Regressive Moving Average Model (ARIMA) of the opening price as well as the closing price of the trading day in Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. from November 2021 to August 2023 to predict the opening and closing price of the next seven periods of direction. The results show that the opening price will have a small fluctuation in the next 7 periods and the closing price will decline slowly. The goodness of fit of opening and closing prices are greater than 0.98, so this result is good. The result shows that this prediction of stock price by the ARIMA model is feasible and the result can be used as a basis for investors to predict future stock prices.


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