Explore the Risk Factors and Market Performance of American Animation Companies Represented by Walt Disney


  • Jiangshan Lu




Disney; business model; theme park


After the world economy entered a relatively complex and changeable environment in the 21st century, it has brought significant impact to various industries, including the animation industry. The American animation market, as one of the world's largest animation markets, has the most influential animation companies, which well reflects the problems and future prospects of the animation industry. This article conducts a financial analysis of Walt Disney's financial status and market performance in 2022-2023, and summarizes its internal risk factors and external possible impacts, development strategies, and prospect planning. Also give Disney and other American animation companies an analyst to prospect and put forward relevant development strategy reference, for most small and medium-sized companies, reasonably absorbing Disney's successful experience and optimizing their own development strategy is the key to sustainable development. This article is more based on the analysis behind the data in the financial statements, collates and analyzes the possible risk factors, which is of reference value to investors and shareholders, and the evaluation of Disney also provides a good direction for the company's development.


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