Analysis of How Enterprises Can Improve Market Competitiveness in the Context of Digital Transformation - Take Amazon as an Example


  • Jiaqi Liu
  • Xuanyu Wang



Digital transformation; Amazon; 4p marketing model


Multinational companies have emerged as the primary driving force behind the global economic integration trend. With the advancement of digital tools and technologies, there has been a significant increase in people's demand for digital services and experiences. This shift in consumer behaviour has created a pressing need for multinational companies to embrace digital transformation to meet these evolving needs and further stimulate economic development. One crucial aspect of this transformation is cross-border e-commerce, which plays a vital role in the strategies of multinational companies. As a successful example, Amazon has effectively undergone this transformation and is a model for others. By analyzing Amazon's experience using the 4P marketing model and data analysis, valuable insights and suggestions can be provided to companies seeking digital transformation. This will enable them to adapt to the changing digital landscape, enhance their global competitiveness, and thrive in the dynamic and interconnected global market. With the right strategies and implementation of digital tools, companies can leverage the power of technology to expand their reach, improve customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth in the digital era.


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