The Development Status, Challenges and Problems of Green Finance in Different Countries


  • Zhongruyi Shi
  • Tongyu Shao



Green finance, international economy, Low-carbon development, Sustainable development


This article summarizes, analyzes, and compares existing research on green finance, covering various topics related to green finance such as methods of green finance financing, how to make green finance profitable, how technology and policies can drive green finance, and the challenges faced by green finance. The study primarily focuses on three major countries: China, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It examines the challenges faced by the development of green finance in these countries and proposes solutions to current development issues. The analysis suggests that green finance has significant potential in addressing climate change and improving social environments. However, there are challenges such as lack of awareness about green finance, policy inconsistencies among countries, and the absence of incentive mechanisms. This study has important practical significance for the healthy development of green finance in the future.


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