Research on China's Economic Development under the Background of Anti-economic Globalization


  • Jucong Yang



Inverted economic globalization, China, Economic, Globalization


This article combines the China's economic development under the background of deglobalization. Through analyzing the impact of deglobalization on China's economic development, it explores China's strategies to cope with deglobalization. The study found that deglobalization has had a significant impact on China's economic development, mainly including the impact on foreign trade, investment environment, economic structural adjustment, and national economic security. In order to respond to these impacts, this article proposes strategies such as optimizing foreign trade structure, enhancing technological innovation capability, strengthening international economic cooperation, and improving national economic security prevention capabilities. The research results indicate that properly addressing deglobalization can promote the healthy development of China's economy. Based on these findings, this article also looks forward to future research. In conclusion, this study aims to examine the issues of China's economic development under the background of deglobalization and provide reference for relevant decision-making.


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