Research on the Survival of Chinese Beauty Anchors


  • Jiaqi Liu



Intersectionality Theory, Law, Beauty anchors, Anchor industry, Exhaustive working hours, Emotional engagement, Existential angst


The beauty anchor industry, often perceived as a gateway to fame and fortune, reveals a complex reality upon closer examination. This study employs intersectionality theory to delve into the challenges faced by both top and bottom-level beauty anchors through in-depth interviews with industry professionals. The findings unveil a landscape marked by existential angst due to age limitations, income inequality, and gender-biased harassment. Contrary to the popular notion that success in the anchor industry is easily attainable, the study paints a nuanced picture of uncertainties and hardships faced by individuals across different echelons, emphasizing the intersectionality of age, wealth, gender issues, and the identity of beauty anchors. Whether basking in the limelight or struggling for recognition, beauty anchors share a common thread of concern for their survival. The prevalent rumor that entering the anchor industry guarantees prosperity overlooks systemic issues and individual struggles, emphasizing the need for a more realistic understanding of this profession. Acknowledging these challenges is crucial for fostering industry-wide reforms and supportive policies to ensure the well-being and sustainability of beauty anchors. This study calls for a shift in societal perceptions and a more nuanced perspective to promote the genuine success and welfare of those pursuing careers in the beauty anchor industry, ultimately addressing the limitations of the law in safeguarding the rights and well-being of these professionals.


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