The Analysis of Luckin Coffee's Accounting Scandal


  • Jinpeng He



Financial scandal, financial fraud, supervision


In recent years, a company called Luckin Coffee in China got caught up in a big money scandal that shook both Chinese business circles and global financial markets. This study dives into what happened with Luckin Coffee, trying to figure out why it happened, how it impacted other companies, people who put their money in, and the whole market, and what can be done to stop such problems down the road. By going through different articles and reports, this study will thoroughly look into the backdrop and particulars of Luckin Coffee's financial mishap, and its repercussions both in China and on a global scale. The objective is to dig out the true causes of such financial wrongdoings and propose solutions for better oversight of company finances to prevent a repeat of such scenarios. Through an in-depth analysis of the financial fraud incident of Luckin Coffee, this research not only has important theoretical and practical significance for understanding and preventing financial fraud, but also provides valuable experience and lessons for financial regulatory agencies and enterprises, and promotes financial management and supervision.


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