Research on the Influencing Factors of Corporate Credit Default Risk


  • Shuyin Guan
  • Yuang Hu
  • Ziyi Xu



Free cash flow; credit rating; financial variables.


This paper takes corporate financial indicators and the impact of corporate credit risk as the research object. This paper firstly introduces and analyses the relevant literature on enterprise financial indicators and credit risk, then classifies and analyzes the financial indicators of enterprises, and establishes the assessment model of enterprise financial indicators and credit risk on this basis. By analyzing the financial indicators of enterprises, this paper finds that the financial indicators of enterprises, such as quick ratio, cash flow position and net interest, have an important impact on the assessment of enterprise credit risk. Finally, this paper takes most of the enterprises in the world as an example and applies the established assessment model to empirically assess the credit risk of enterprises, and analyses and explains the assessment results. The findings of this paper have certain reference value for enterprises, banks and other institutions in credit risk assessment and decision-making.


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