A Study on the Preferences and Behaviors of College Students Who Shop Online for Clothes


  • Sirui Wang




College students; Network consumptio; Consumer behavior; Influencing factors; Clothing.


In today’s society, e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, ushering in a new era of online shopping. As an emerging mode of consumption, online consumption has brought great convenience to college students’ daily life, but also has a serious impact on the consumption concept of college students whose psychological development is not yet mature, among which the negative impact is undeniable and needs to be taught and corrected in time. As a group with distinctive characteristics among many online consumers, college students can grasp the changing ways of the Internet as quickly as possible and skillfully use online channels to shop. Irrational consumption behaviors such as blind following, excessive, comparison, and impulsiveness are common among college students. In the case of insufficient funds from their families, some college students will even choose to borrow online. How to correctly guide college students to establish a rational outlook on consumption is the biggest problem facing the whole society. Based on the questionnaire survey method and the characteristics of college students’ online clothing consumption behavior in Jiangxi Province, this paper analyzes the main influencing factors of college students’ online consumption behavior by stating the sources of living expenses, consumption platforms, clothing types, and purchase mentality, summarizes their consumption psychological characteristics, and puts forward scientific guidance countermeasures and programs for college students to establish a correct online consumption concept from five levels: government, society, universities, families and individuals.


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