Alleviating Effect of Supply Chain Finance on Financing Constraints of SMEs—— Empirical Analysis Based on 74 Manufacturing Samples


  • Xiaodi Luo
  • Zepeng Chen



Green supply chain, Supply chain finance, Financing constraints, Traditional manufacturing industry, High-end manufacturing.


Based on the relevant literature, this paper makes an empirical study of the data of SMEs in the API manufacturing industry in China by using the cash-cash flow sensitivity model. By analyzing the experimental results, it is concluded that financing constraints generally plague SMEs in the API manufacturing industry. Supply chain finance can alleviate the financing constraints of manufacturing SMEs to a certain extent. This paper aims to enrich the research results in the field of supply chain finance, which has a specific guiding significance for developing supply chain finance theory and practice.


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Luo, X., & Chen, Z. (2023). Alleviating Effect of Supply Chain Finance on Financing Constraints of SMEs—— Empirical Analysis Based on 74 Manufacturing Samples. Highlights in Business, Economics and Management, 12, 126-133.