Preparing your proceedings articles

DRP Conference Series uses author-supplied PDFs for all online and print publication. Authors must prepare their papers using MS word, according to the guidelines and template, and then convert these files to PDF.

We invite conference editor(s) to be highly vigilant on the quality of the articles selected and the peer-review process. Please kindly make sure that your articles fulfil the following criteria:

1. they are of good scientific quality;
2. they have been peer-reviewed by at least one expert in the field;
3. they should be strictly in the scope of the journal (make sure to exclude bordeline articles);
4. they are written in proper English; the abstract and title present key information about the subject and include important keywords (required by indexing databased);
5. they come from various international collaborations;
6. they are longer than an abstract or a short report (3 pages min) - there is no maximum limit of pages.

In addition, we invite you to conform to some general rules when drafting the Preface and Call for Papers, by including for instance the following information:

1. Present who is organizing the conference: University, Institution, Scientific Society...;
2. Present your topics. They should be exclusively focused on the journal's aims and scope. Avoid formulation such as "The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to… Other Related Research…”;
3. Make reference to the previous editions (how many, date and place);
4. Give details about the peer-review process which is applied. You must clearly display the submission deadline and the way to submit. This can be done publicly on your website as well;
5. Specify the names and affiliation of the Guest Editors who conduct the peer-review process (international reputable members);
6. Highlight the scientific committee: international standing, reputable experts, publishing references;
7. Highlight the international standing of your event : % of international contributions, number of countries represented, origin of the participants;
8. Highlight your associated partners if any.