Research on the problem of multi-beam line measurement based on the cattle plowing traversal algorithm


  • Zhaoyu Wang



Cattle plowing traversal algorithm, Full Coverage Path Planning, Trigonometric Function, Multi-beam Detection System, Simple Environment.


In order to study the depth and coverage width of sea water measured by the multi-beam detection system and the control of the overlap ratio range of the detection strip, the full coverage path optimization of the survey ship is carried out. In this paper, firstly, a model is established for the depth of the sea and the coverage width of the multi-beam detection system under the premise that the overlap rate is controlled within the range of 10%````~20% by using the property theorem of trigonometric function and geometric relation. Secondly, the Angle between the direction of the survey line and the projection of the normal direction of the submarine slope on the horizontal plane is analyzed, and the model for the depth of the sea area and the coverage width of the multi-beam detection system is further established under the constraint of the rolling attitude of the survey ship. Finally, the measured sea area is divided into molecular areas according to the overlap rate range and coverage width as standards, and then the coverage width and the number of survey lines are measured based on the cattle plowing traversal algorithm. The following results are obtained: When the survey ship starts and ends in the east-west direction and meets the requirement of 10%````~20% overlap rate, the number of survey lines is stable at 23, the total coverage width of the survey lines is 8.7852x108m, and the spacing of each survey line is 340.50m.


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