Research on the Optimization of Multibeam Bathymetry Survey Line Layout Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm


  • Yingminhui Xiao



Multibeam Bathymetry, Greedy Algorithm, Multi-Criteria Optimization, Simulated Annealing.


Multibeam bathymetry systems are widely used in water depth measurement, and their principle is based on the propagation characteristics of sound waves in water. The system has multiple advantages, such as high resolution, high accuracy, wide measurement range, automated mapping, and high efficiency. This study is based on the propagation characteristics of sound waves in water and utilizes a multibeam bathymetry system for water depth measurement, focusing on key issues such as coverage width, survey path, and seawater depth. Based on a two-dimensional plane model, the direction of the emitted beams from the measurement vessel and the relationship with seafloor slope angles are considered. The key parameter calculation model of the multibeam bathymetry system is established using the sine theorem and cosine theorem. To enhance the analysis accuracy, the calculation model is extended to three dimensions, incorporating more factors that have a significant impact on the measurement, such as the slope angle along the survey lines and changes in water depth. In practical applications, the survey lines are set to run in a north-south direction, and a greedy algorithm is used to ensure complete coverage of the measurements. Taking into account the complex seafloor topography, the fitted lines are used to represent the seafloor slopes. The multi-objective programming model is transformed into an unconstrained single-objective programming problem for further optimization. By solving the problem using simulated annealing algorithm, the optimized solution provides specific values for the spacing between adjacent survey lines, total track length, missed coverage rate of the surveyed area, and duplicate measurement coverage, enabling the optimal utilization of multibeam bathymetry systems in oceanic surveys.


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