The study of the direction of navigation of ships in a particular sea area


  • Yitong Wang
  • Ziyi Lu
  • Dihao Ma
  • Zixin Yang



Multi beam bathymetry, Full coverage water depth strip, Sine theorem, Overlap rate analysis.


Multibeam bathymetric system is a further development of single-beam bathymetric system, which can send and receive hundreds of beams at the same time during the working process, and carry out full-coverage bathymetric strip measurements in the smooth sea area on the seabed. In this paper, we model the coverage width and the overlap rate to further reduce the errors occurring in the measurement process, and at the same time, we design a scheme for the given data and constraints to solve the practical problems. The process analysis facilitates the practical application of multibeam bathymetry system, improves the problems of failing to achieve the full coverage of the sea area and the high overlap rate, and provides a new idea for the seabed detection of multibeam bathymetry.


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Wang, Y., Lu, Z., Ma, D., & Yang, Z. (2024). The study of the direction of navigation of ships in a particular sea area. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 82, 77-84.