Study on the growth potential of the medical escort industry based on swot analysis


  • Yu Yuan
  • Xingchi Chen
  • Qirui Zhang
  • Ruihan Xu
  • Jing Jiang



Medical escort industry, ageing society, service quality, swot analysis.


The medical escort industry has attracted much attention with the deepening of social aging. Its service targets cover the elderly, pregnant women and other special groups, filling the gap in the demand for family escorts. This paper analyses the industry using swot, and the results show that the industry has problems such as unclear price positioning and low barriers to entry for practitioners, which affect service quality and industry reputation. Despite the fragile development of the industry, it has great potential. Through caring services, integration with smart technologies, and the provision of ongoing 'aftercare' services, the industry is expected to expand its service offerings to a wider range of services. However, challenges such as high prices and low barriers to entry still need to be overcome. This suggests that the medical escort industry has both opportunities and challenges for future growth, which need to be overcome in a concerted effort to provide better service quality.


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Yuan, Y., Chen, X., Zhang, Q., Xu, R., & Jiang, J. (2024). Study on the growth potential of the medical escort industry based on swot analysis. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 82, 230-235.