Investigate the Theoretical Significance and Applications for Differential Geometry


  • Chenhe Sun



Differential geometry; theoretical introduction; applications.


With the development of modern science and technology, mathematics, physics, and fluid science have played a crucial role in scientific progress. As an important branch of mathematics, differential geometry is the key to studying these disciplines, which have a wide range of applications in fields such as mathematics and applied science. At present, mathematicians have not made ideal progress in the field of differential geometry research. As one of the important research topics in the current mathematical community, differential geometry research also has extensive research value and can provide mathematical models for the development of other scientific and technological fields. Therefore, this study mainly focuses on the development history and some basic knowledge of differential geometry. The application of differential geometry is explored through the study of the origin and development of differential geometry. This paper aims to find that differential geometry has essential research value and is indispensable in developing basic disciplines and future science.


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