Research on the Prediction of Retail Car Sales in California


  • Shuyi Yang



Retail car sales; California; ARIMA model.


Retail car sales are important because it is relevant to all the public including the government, market and consumer. With the influence of COVID-19 and many other factors, the change in retail car sales requires further research. Therefore, the prediction is in need of all sides to refer. Within all the models, the ARIMA model is more widely used, and the data satisfy the stationary required by the model, so it is chosen to be used in this research. The results of the forecast show that the retail car sales are going to decrease after the increase within the upper half of this year. However, whether the impact of the pandemic will last or it is a temporary factor remains a problem to solve. Conclusively, with the help of previous essays, the paper is expected to offer a forecast for retail car sales for the public to make decisions about retail car sales.


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