Prediction of Traffic Flow at Urban Intersections using LSTM Model


  • Haiyi Hu



Traffic flow prediction; LSTM; intersections.


The growth of population and economy is resulting in an increase in the usage of cars in cities, which is causing issues. Traffic congestion has become a normal phenomenon. To better deal with the problem, it is of great significance to forecast the traffic flow. This problem is addressed by proposing the use of the LSTM model in this paper. Using the data from the Shanghai Public Data Open Platform, two sets of data are chosen to do the experiment. The data was collected by loop and accurate to second, which makes it pretty unstable. In this situation, the LSTM model still has a good result. The mean absolute error of Loop 1, Loop 4, and Loop 9 prediction is 3.579, 6.515, and 4.253.  all reaches over 0.8. Furthermore, the LSTM model can add more features to improve its accuracy to fit future traffic conditions. Through this research, it is concluded that the LSTM model is suitable for predicting time-series statistics and performs a high accuracy.


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