Risk Prevention and Control, Monitoring and early warning Measures for Stereo Parking Equipment


  • Ligui Kan
  • Yongjun Qiu
  • Dugang Kang
  • Ma Lin
  • Yanyun Huang
  • Huang Song
  • Pengkai Yang




Stereo parking equipment; Comprehensive evaluation; Risk prevention and control.


This article comprehensively explores the risk prevention and control measures for equipment safety, ensuring the stability and safety of equipment operation. Firstly, a solution for the oxidation and aging issues of alloy materials is proposed, which involves surface treatment through electroplating metal and painting, with special attention paid to the protection of key components such as main and auxiliary steel and support columns. Secondly, the importance of connecting load-bearing components of the equipment was emphasized, and the stability and safety of the structure were improved through the use of high-strength bolts, nuts, and washers. In terms of maintenance of mechanical systems, regular lubrication of chains and sprockets, as well as scientific layout of electrical testing equipment, can ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The prevention, maintenance, monitoring, and early warning systems for improper personnel operation are very important and necessary.


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Kan, L., Qiu, Y., Kang, D., Lin, M., Huang, Y., Song, H., & Yang, P. (2024). Risk Prevention and Control, Monitoring and early warning Measures for Stereo Parking Equipment. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 105, 91-96. https://doi.org/10.54097/j4zccw83