Research on Multibeam Bathymetry Coverage Width and Overlap Rate Based on Geometric Models


  • Xinshu Wang
  • Xiang Li
  • Qijia Liu



Multi-beam sounding system, seabed mapping, recurrence relations, analytic geometry, solid-dimensional geometry.


 Due to its efficient and accurate seabed mapping capabilities, multi-beam bathymetry systems are widely used in marine research and resource development and have become a hot spot in marine scientific research. In this study, the sine theorem, geometric relationship, and recursive relationship are used to construct the calculation model of coverage width and overlap rate of multi-beam bathymetry, and the influence of seabed slope is considered. Under the condition of varying slopes, further research is carried out, and the elliptical chord length is formed by using the conic section to solve the width, and a similar triangle is used to reduce the amount of double calculation. The analytic geometry and stereo geometry methods were combined to construct a calculation model of the relationship between beam coverage width and position. This research result provides important technical support for deep-sea surveying and mapping, injects new impetus into the development of marine science, promotes the scientific development and utilization of deep-sea resources, provides more accurate technical support for marine environmental protection, and promotes the sustainable development of the marine economy.


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Wang, X., Li, X., & Liu, Q. (2024). Research on Multibeam Bathymetry Coverage Width and Overlap Rate Based on Geometric Models. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 105, 126-134.