Research on Urban Rail Transit Operation Optimization Based on Target Planning


  • Jianglin Lu
  • Yaxin Zhang
  • Yiming Su



Urban rail transit operation optimization, Target planning, Optimal operation scheme.


The optimization of train schedule is one of the classic problems in the traffic organization mode in the field of rail transit. In order to reduce the operation cost of operators and improve the service level of passengers, it is feasible and necessary to optimize the train operation road. This paper considers the factors of minimum number of trains and total mileage of trains, and minimizes the operating cost of enterprises and maximizes the passenger service level in the context of urban rail transit operation with large and small crossing schemes. We used the weighted coefficient method to combine multiple targets into a single optimization problem and perform the model solution using Lingo software. The results provide insights into the best train operation scheme, including the number of large and small crossings, operating distances, and the number of trains required for effective urban rail transit operations.


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Lu, J., Zhang, Y., & Su, Y. (2024). Research on Urban Rail Transit Operation Optimization Based on Target Planning. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 105, 206-213.