A Study of Submersible Positioning and Search and Rescue Based on Inertial Navigation and Search Modeling


  • Qining Shi
  • Zhuoying Chen
  • Xiayu Wu
  • Yuxin Shao
  • Jieyi Liu




Trajectory Simulation, Strapdown inertial navigation System, SITAN Kalman Filter, Grid Search, Creeping Line Search.


In the field of marine rescue, accurately locating and efficiently searching for lost submersibles is a crucial task. This paper presents a model for the positioning and search of lost submersibles based on inertial navigation, employing a grid search-creeping line search method for practical application. This paper explored a submersible positioning model that integrates Newtonian mechanics and the Strapdown Inertial Navigation System (SINS). The SITAN parallel Kalman filter algorithm was utilized to correct the submersible's position in real time, reducing the cumulative timing errors inherent in inertial navigation systems. To recommend initial deployment points and search patterns, this paper developed a set of search models and conducted a categorical discussion on submersible damage of varying degrees. Simulation data indicates that this study provides an efficient and accurate solution for the field of marine rescue.


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Shi, Q., Chen, Z., Wu, X., Shao, Y., & Liu, J. (2024). A Study of Submersible Positioning and Search and Rescue Based on Inertial Navigation and Search Modeling. Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology, 105, 214-221. https://doi.org/10.54097/mjfjwt66