Design of Digital Image Processing System Based on Machine Vision


  • Xiaolei Zhong



Digital image processing, MATLAB, GUI.


Digital image processing technology is a technology that has developed rapidly in recent years[1]. A series of images are processed by computers to improve the visual effect of the image in order to achieve the desired presentation effect. Digital image processing technology has been continuously developed with the innovation of computers, and its application range has expanded from the original image field to traffic command, signal processing, medical treatment and other fields closely related to people's lives. With the support of many algorithms, the speed of digital image processing technology is getting faster and faster, which brings a lot of convenience to people's lives, and which becomes an indispensable technology in life. With the help of MATLAB's GUI user interface, image processing toolbox and MATLAB's comprehensive mathematical function library, this article designs an image processing operating platform that realizes some image processing functions after repeated trials.


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