T-C20 Carbon: A Three-Dimensional Topological Carbon Allotrope Constructed from Zigzag Carbon Chains


  • Li Peng
  • Jiaren Yuan
  • Yue-E Xie




Carbon allotrope, Zigzag carbon chains, Topological semimetals, Optical properties.


Carbon materials have attracted much attention due to their excellent electronic structure and topological properties. By linking the zigzag carbon chains with carbon dimers, we propose a new stable three-dimensional (3D) carbon allotrope: T-C20 carbon. This carbon structure has four nodal lines in the Brillouin zone (BZ) protected by mirror symmetry. Moreover, T-C20 carbon exhibits strong anisotropic optical properties and strong absorption in the whole infrared, visible and ultraviolet regions, which is suitable for the broadband photodetector. Our research provides a new idea for the construction of novel 3D topological carbon allotropes.


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