Research on Rigid-flexible Coupling Dynamic Modeling and Dynamic Characteristics Based on Tremmie Pipe


  • Zhimin Fu



Rubble leveling ship, Rigid-flexible coupling, Modal analysis, ADAMS


 The tremmie pipe is the key structural component of the rubble leveling ship. Its vibration affects the laying accuracy of the rubble leveling ship. The 3D structural model of the tremmie pipe ship is established with the help of the 3D modeling software SolidWorks, and the tremmie pipe is flexible by ANSYS. The rigid-flexible coupling dynamics model is built in ADAMS. Apply constraints and external excitation of the pipe end, carry out modal analysis and dynamic simulation analysis on the model, study the dynamic characteristics of the tremmie pipe during the tremmie pipe process, provide the basis for structural vibration control, and have guiding significance for the optimal design of the tremmie pipe.


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