Transmission Scheme Design of Gearbox for 15MW Offshore Semi-direct-driven Wind Turbine


  • Zhipeng Chi
  • Qingfeng Gao



Offshore wind turbines, Gearbox, Semi-direct drive, Medium speed transmission.


In order to further improve the reliability of wind turbine operation, reduce manufacturing, installation and maintenance costs, and make the size of the gearbox further reduced, in this paper, the gear box design of 15MW offshore semi-direct-driven wind turbine is studied. First, analyze the development trend and demand, draw up the basic transmission plan, then, carry on the gear structure design, use the software modeling, the motion analysis and carry on the check, the life analysis, finally, the design of sealing mode, design box, end cover structure, determine the fastener, connection, design of dust-proof program and design of lubrication. This reduces the weight and volume of the main engine of the medium-speed transmission mechanism of the wind turbine. The obvious benefits are lower overall load, lower difficulty in manufacturing, transportation and installation, lower cost and controllable technology, the market prospects are broad and competitive.


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