Vibration Control of Marine Flexible Riser with Uncertain Model


  • Miaomiao Chen
  • Ruihan Zhang
  • Li Zhou
  • Shuyu Xiao
  • Xu Zheng
  • Xueyi Wu



Model uncertain, Marine flexible riser, Variable universe fuzzy control, vibration Control, Boundary control.


 When flexible risers in the ocean are subjected to various environmental loads in the ocean, vibration will inevitably occur. Due to the nonlinearity and uncertainty of the actual riser system, it is impossible to obtain an accurate mathematical model of the riser system. The existing control algorithms designed based on the precise model of the riser system cannot meet the actual control requirements. A flexible riser boundary control method based on fuzzy control algorithm is proposed to suppress the vibration of marine flexible riser systems with uncertain models. Firstly, the dynamic models of existing marine flexible risers were studied. In response to the uncertainty of the riser system model, the control experience was transformed into an automatic control strategy in the form of fuzzy language control rules to improve the adaptability of the controller. Then, combining boundary control technology with fuzzy control, a boundary controller is constructed to stabilize the riser in a small neighborhood of its original position and reduce fatigue damage to the riser. Finally, the effectiveness of the designed fuzzy boundary control algorithm was verified through MATLAB simulation results, and the vibration suppression effect of the algorithm on the vertical tube was better than that of traditional PD control.


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