Damage to Rocks by Eccentric Uncoupled Charge Explosion Loads


  • Mingxiao Bai




Eccentric uncoupled charge, Blast, Decoupling coefficient, LS-DYNA.


In the process of tunnel excavation, the blasting technology is one of the commonly used tunnel excavation methods. The blasting technology is mainly divided into smooth blasting and presplitting blasting. In the process of blasting, in order to prevent excessive damage caused by explosive blasting, the blasting is often carried out by means of uncoupled charging. In the previous studies, the explosive and the blast hole were mainly placed concentrically, while in the actual engineering, the charge often exists in the form of eccentricity. In this study, LS-DYNA is used to establish three-dimensional models of concentric charge and eccentric charge respectively for numerical simulation of blasting, and the whole process of uncoupled charge blasting is reproduced. Based on the damage cloud diagram, hole wall pressure and hole wall vibration velocity obtained by simulation, the damage caused by blasting under two different charging conditions is analyzed and compared.


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