Permanent Magnet Motors in Energy Storage Flywheels


  • Xiaoxia Guo



Energy Storage Flywheel, Permanent Magnet Motor, High Speed Motor.


Flywheel energy storage system stores energy in the form of mechanical energy and can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Flywheel energy storage is a mechanical energy storage system. Due to its high energy storage density, high power, high efficiency, long life, no pollution and other characteristics, it has a broad application prospect in the field of aerospace, power peaking, UPS, electric vehicles, high-power electromagnetic guns and so on. With the continuous development of magnetic levitation, composite materials, vacuum and other technologies, the current flywheel energy storage technology is mainly through the increase in the speed of the flywheel rotor to achieve energy storage, the continuous development of various technologies, so that the research of flywheel energy storage technology has stepped into the "high-speed" development period, and has been widely used in many fields. Application, and gradually become the focus of research in various countries.


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