Numerical Simulation Analysis of the Influence of Entrance Wind Speed on the Wind Speed Distribution of Coal Mine Tunnel Sections


  • Yahu Yao



Mine ventilation, Tunnel cross-section, Tunnel wind speed, Inlet wind speed, Numerical simulation.


In order to further accurately obtain the wind speed of coal mine tunnels and achieve intelligent ventilation, taking the Wuhushan coal mine tunnel as the research object, the COMSOL Multiphysics numerical simulation software was used to simulate and analyze the influence of inlet wind speed on the wind speed distribution on the tunnel section, and the wind speed distribution law of the semi circular arch tunnel section under different inlet wind speed conditions was obtained. The research results indicate that the wind speed contour is basically parallel to the tunnel wall, and the wind speed gradient near the tunnel wall is large, while the wind speed gradient in the middle of the tunnel is small. The thickness of the boundary layer decreases with increasing wind speed. The ratio of the maximum wind speed to the average wind speed of the tunnel section is approximately 1.2125. The distance between the average wind speed line of the semi circular arch tunnel and the roof is 10.76%~11.02% of the tunnel height, and the error between the simulation results and theoretical calculation results is within 4%. The research results provide strong support for precise measurement of the average wind speed at fixed points in coal mine underground tunnels.


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