Study on Deconstruction and Governance of Intellectual Property Rights Caused by Machine Writing Ethics Anomie in The Era of Artificial Intelligence


  • Chuanji Zuo



Wireless sensor networks, Intelligent workshop products, Moving target tracking, Untraced Kalman filter.


When machine writing enters the field of knowledge production, it causes a series of intelligent ethical risks, and the existing intellectual property system is deconstructed. The innovation of science and technology will break the balance mechanism of the existing intellectual property, and machine writing will become a new force of knowledge production. The intelligent ethical risk brought by machine writing is undoubtedly a "revolution" for the existing intellectual property system. From the ethical perspective of artificial intelligence, this paper from the ethical relations, ethics, ethical behavior and ethics profiling machine writing anomie of intellectual property rights subject status, object attribute, the legislative idea, the impact on the level of the judicial practice, and then from the legal environment, algorithm design, governance mechanism, platform regulation puts forward four human coexistence pattern of knowledge production, The reinvention of intellectual property rights.


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