A 3D Array High-Gain Vivaldi Antenna Design


  • Hongyang Xu
  • Haisheng Song




3D array; Vivaldi antenna; Pilot; High gain; Power division feed network; Directionality; Bandwidth.


This article designs a 3D array high-gain Vivaldi antenna suitable for K-band. First, by adding a positive trapezoidal dielectric structure to the radiation port of the original Vivaldi antenna unit, the purpose is to increase the gain of the Vivaldi antenna unit. The Vivaldi antenna unit was simulated and analyzed through HFSS software to obtain a new Vivaldi antenna unit with a frequency band width of 20GHz-26.4GHz and a gain of 10.8dB.Wider bandwidth, improved gain performance and enhanced directionality of the Vivaldi antenna unit compared to the original antenna. A 4-cell antenna array with a 3D structure is designed in order to be suitable for smaller planar size operating environments, and the antenna structure is further analyzed by...In this paper, the power division feed network conforming to this array is designed and the performance of this 2×2 antenna array is investigated, and the simulation results show that this array has good bandwidth and radiation performance, strong directionality, and almost no offset angle in the E-plane.


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