Research on the Characteristics of Light Sources in Machine Vision


  • Qiming Yuan
  • He Zhang



Machine vision, Light source, Characteristic.


A machine vision system as eyes, through image taking device will get signal converted into image signal, and then through computer processing, get the useful information for subsequent research. In the machine vision system, the stand or fall of lighting light source directly affects the system input. A good lighting solution can greatly reduce the later image processing of the computing workload, and can also reduce the cost of the system to a certain extent, so for machine vision system, the light source properties research is particularly important. Light source characteristics research mainly around the type of light source, light source, the intensity of the light source, the number of the layout of the light source and the color of the light source study of five aspects. These five factors will directly affect the lighting effect is good or bad, or even to a certain extent determines the success or failure of a complete set of machine vision system. Combine five factors analysis, find a lighting effect is the best plan combination, light source characteristics research of machine vision system is the key. In this paper, it chooses the best lighting scheme for the school logo box, use the control variable method to carry out research, respectively find the best light source type, quantity, intensity, layout and color, and then combine a set of best lighting scheme. In the lighting scheme studied in this paper, the best combination of lighting scheme is to use two red LED bulbs with 7W power to illuminate in the forward lighting position.


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