Discussion on the Application of Grouting in Underground Engineering


  • Bian Liu




Underground engineering; Slurry diffusion mechanism; Grouting technology; Grouting theory; Strengthening and blocking water.


With the development of China's economy, in some large cities, surface transportation alone can no longer meet people's needs today, and the development of underground engineering is increasingly catering to the needs of the public. During the excavation process of subway tunnels, it is inevitable that they may be threatened by groundwater, and grouting technology is one of the effective methods for preventing and controlling water in underground engineering. The mechanism of slurry flow and diffusion varies depending on the soil conditions. When underground projects such as subway tunnels pass through poor geological conditions, it is highly likely to cause significant surface subsidence, and even engineering disasters such as water inrush and collapse may occur. To ensure the safety of underground engineering construction in the geological strata, it is often necessary to carry out advanced grouting in the strata to achieve the purpose of reinforcement or water blocking. Advanced grouting reinforcement belongs to concealed engineering, and the existing advanced grouting construction mostly relies on experience and on-site grouting tests, making it difficult to achieve the expected grouting effect. Therefore, it is of great theoretical and engineering significance to conduct in-depth research on the diffusion mechanism of slurry in geological grouting reinforcement engineering, as well as the influence of factors such as slurry water cement ratio and geological characteristics on the diffusion form of slurry.


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