Review of Carbon Nanotube Wire-to-Metal Connection Methods: Techniques, Challenges, and Prospects


  • Shumin Liu
  • Jia Chen
  • Jinpeng Sun
  • Yazhou Jia
  • Xiangxia Kong
  • Yanjie Wang



Carbon nanotube wire, Connection technology, Microelectronics, Contact resistance.


This paper reviews the connection technologies between carbon nanotube (CNT) wires and metal materials, analyzes the technical principles, advantages, limitations and application prospects of different connection methods. It mainly focuses on the electrical contact issues of CNT wires in the field of microelectronics, and how to achieve a high-performance, reliable combination of metal and CNT wires through emerging material processing and connection technologies. The article also discusses the challenges these technologies face in overcoming interface resistance, improving mechanical connection performance, and maintaining the characteristics of CNT wires.


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