A New Design of Vibration Damping Structure for Positive Displacement Motor


  • Sen Yang




Positive displacement motor, Metal rubber, Shock absorber, Dynamic simulation.


Positive displacement motor (PDM) is a downhole power drilling tool, and the bottom of the drilling tool is directly connected to the drill bit. During the drilling process, the drilling tool will be directly affected by the impact load caused by the drill bit breaking the rock. Severe vibration can easily cause drill tool bearings to break and fail, threads to trip and other problems.

The new PDM vibration damping structure uses wear-resistant and heat-resistant metal rubber instead of disc springs as energy-absorbing materials, and designs a "keyway type" vibration damping structure; a two-degree-of-freedom "spring - mass" model is established based on actual working conditions. , determine the basic size of the metal rubber pad based on the metal rubber stress-strain curve, and bring it into the drilling tool dynamics equation to verify that the stiffness and damping parameters of the metal rubber pad will not resonate; finally, compare the drilling conditions under different excitations in the dynamics simulation software The amount of impact the tool receives. Finally, the dynamics simulation of the new vibration-damping drilling tool under different frequency excitations was carried out in Adams simulation software, and it was concluded that in the common working environment of 6-15 Hz, the new vibration-damping drilling tool can effectively reduce the stress on the drilling tool. Impact force, the new vibration-damping drilling tool can reduce the impact force by about 40% when excited at 12 , 15 Hz . The conclusions drawn from the study have reference value for the development of long-life drilling tools and the design of drilling tool vibration damping structures.


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